The greatest leaders in the world believe they have something to offer and they find meaning in it. They don’t question their worth and they are self-motivated because of it. We are motivated by things for which we feel personally connected. It is possible to find meaning in and be motivated by our everyday experience. Consider the following:


You are here for a reason. You were born for a reason. We just aren’t born by accident. That little spark of consciousness chose you for a purpose to accomplish, do, be. You are special. You have a unique set of gifts that no one else has. Connect to that knowing, that you are here for a reason and let it empower you. Let it motivate you to be better, do better, try harder because you are a special someone. And you are a special someone that is here on purpose. So, live on purpose. Make purposeful choices on your own terms. Live with intention. Establish your intention at the start of each day and flavor it with positivity and growth. Say to yourself each morning “I am here for a reason. I am unique and I will share my authentic self today in the betterment of every life I touch, including my own.” Above all, believe that you are here for a reason.

Orient Toward a Higher-Purpose

When we orient our lives toward a higher-purpose our lives suddenly have meaning. When we feel our lives have meaning we are motivated. Bettering the lives of others is a higher-purpose. A noble one. And it is an orientation that is possible for each and every one of us. You are unique and so are your gifts. The offering that you make to others will be different from the rest of us. Know that your gifts are special and innate. They are natural because they are part of you. As you move through your days, the gift that you might offer could include connecting people to one another or communicating in a positive light. The gift you share could be seeing the broader perspective, optimism, or hope. Maybe you simply share your amazing smile with everyone you meet. Identify that which you naturally walk around with and know it is a gift to be cherished and shared broadly. So, don’t hold back on your authenticity and natural gifts. Get in the driver’s seat and push the accelerator. Speed it up, share more, do more. We are here only for a time. Now is your time. As it always has been.

Lead by Example

Each and every one of us has a meaningful opportunity to lead by example. Find your discipline. Let your discipline become part of you; so much so that you embody it. This is more than an intellectual commitment to something; it is a discipline that is so automatic that it is part of your daily experience. We can be disciplined in so very many ways from making the bed each morning, exercising, and meditating daily, to communicating positively, tempering our emotions, and showing appreciation. Try to be disciplined in as many areas of your life as possible. Then begin to find ways to let that be visible. Subtly share whatever it is you are already disciplined about or that which you are trying to become more disciplined. When you lead through your own good example, feedback and encouragement will come to you, motivating you to stay the course. We learn from what others are doing. People will be inspired to mirror your good example, which will also be a source of motivation and satisfaction.

You also have a scalable opportunity to share on your social media platforms. By the way, you are your own brand. You set an example. Every communication that you place on any platform serves an example or a mistake to others. You can choose to go negative, be argumentative and defensive, and promote unhealthy habits. These are the mistakes and not the ways that people seek inspiration. You have the opportunity to lead by example in so many ways in your life. Instead, you can choose to take the higher road, to see the light, to go positive, and to fill others with hope and possibility. You can choose to encourage people toward healthier habits through your own example. This is how others become inspired.

In summary, you are here for a reason, connect with your purpose, lead by example, and share to inspire. For those into yoga — consider the meaning of vidya, dharma, and kriya yoga in the context of this post.

Let me know how it goes!

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