What to Expect


enjoy serving as a strategy & fundraising consultant/advisor to founders and executive teams at impact companies and funds. My hope is for great impact-FULL companies and funds to scale and grow. I want all of you to succeed. The world needs what you offer!

So, I help you tighten your pitch/communications, build confidence, assess the broader market, fill in gaps in your business plan, anticipate questions, overcome objections, and ultimately prepare for those critical and high-impact meetings where you have just one chance to shine. Most companies could benefit from this service.

I’m a pragmatic, realist, with an open-mind who constantly challenges my own thinking by learning and intentionally expanding my own perspective. I think broadly and have an informed vision for the future and what needs to happen for a business to scale. I serve as a safe, sounding board and offer feedback that is honest and direct.

AND I care. I’m a holistic health junkie and know how important it is to take care of yourself and build great cultures to innovate and thrive. I wrote a book on this so THAT awareness you receive as a bonus.

After we have worked together for some time and I think you are ready, on a selective basis I assist with pipeline development and outreach for fundraising.

My sector expertise is in holistic health, meditation, breath regulation, stress management, +psychology. I have a business background in private equity/venture capital and management consulting with functional experience in fundraising, operations scaling, and technology including software/data/analytics.

I’m interested in healthtech and consumer health products/services that support vitality and longevity and transformative technology (welltech) that helps people find connection, clarity, and calm in their daily lives to ultimately support a broadened perspective, reawakened curiosity, renewed intellectual vigor, and ethical innovation. I am drawn to triple-bottom line efforts that are profitable or have profit-potential and are good for both people and the planet.

If you have most of the following: product/strategy, a business plan/draft offering documents, a draft presentation, seed funding, a website, and an initial team AND I sound like a fit for you please contact me.