Praise For The Yoga of Leadership

This is an awesome piece of work!!! So much resonates with my personal observations and drive. I like the way Tarra define’s leadership – it is very holistic and invites individual excellence regardless of one’s seniority within a firm. This book could have been easily called ‘Leaders’ Handbook’ where yoga is a one of the paths for personal discovery. Integrity of the author comes through strongly on every page. Style-wise, I feel that this book has not been rushed – it is well written and is based on a very real experience, as lived! Really well done and thank you for sharing your value with others – it is a must read for anyone who values personal development!

Alex Struc

Founding Partner, GoalsFirst and former Head of ESG Portfolio Management, PIMCO

This is one of those books that profoundly changes the way we think about life, work, and leadership.  I have had the pleasure of convening hundreds of the most powerful female leaders in the private equity industry each year for the past ten years, and it is very clear that success in a demanding career is linked to personal wellbeing. All of us can benefit from Tarra’s road map for caring for ourselves in a holistic way – for our own health and the health of our organizations. Tarra is a pioneer whose ideas and teachings on how to be a better leader should be embraced.

Beth Falk

Founder & Managing Director, Women’s Private Equity Summit; Founder & CEO, Falk Marques Group LLC

In The Yoga of Leadership, Tarra Mitchell takes us beneath the surface of the popular physical practice to reveal the practical value of yoga’s esoteric teachings. By drawing out the relevant details of an ancient system of self-realization, Mitchell offers readers a unique and elegantly structured approach to personal wellness, team empowerment, and inspirational leadership.

Hari-kirtana das

Author of In Search of the Highest Truth: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy

You have to be happy, healthy, have a sense of calm and a ton of energy first before you can fully engage your teams. I know when my mind is stressed, there is no way I can be there for my team in a way that my team really needs me – to listen to them patiently, be available to brainstorm with them objectively and to coach them through tough situations.  Tarra’s book, The Yoga of Leadership, is one of a kind and shows you how to be your personal best while have fun along the way and building a longer and more fulfilling life for yourself.  It is a must read for every business leader who is putting in long hours both at work and home and feeling tapped out!

Anurag Bairathi

SVP U.S. Consumer Markets, Liberty Mutual Insurance

This book is amazing. I really appreciate how Tarra explains the principles of yoga and then gives specific ways to put them into practice in our current way of living. Her book is a handbook for living. Every page that I’ve read is thoughtful, clear, well written, and wise. I am also impressed by the illustrations! I skipped around. This is not a book that you have to read cover to cover. As Tarra says, we can work on the different dimensions simultaneously. I am so grateful to her for the labor of love she did in writing and publishing The Yoga of Leadership!

Ceida Chan

Optometrist and Mother of 3

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Thank you for your interest in The Yoga of Leadership. Sign up here to be the first to know when the book becomes available. I truly appreciate the support. Writing The Yoga of Leadership has been a passion project crafted as much for me as for you. In it I reveal time-honored techniques for cultivating self-awareness, taking charge of your emotions, reducing stress, and developing habits of principled leadership. Through these techniques you’ll be able to:
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