An approach that may
forever transform
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Your personal wellbeing is connected to your success
as a leader. Great leaders invest in themselves. Learn
how to manifest a life and leadership experience that is
healthy, happy and inspiring. The winner of multiple awards, order your copy of The Yoga of Leadership today.
I’m Tarra
The award winning Leadership and Motivational book, The Yoga of Leadership, teaches you ways to become healthier, happier and to lead more effectively.
Combining yoga and leadership was an intellectual game of Twister for me. But I knew the practice of yoga could help people cultivate qualities that are essential to leadership success. I spent over five years refining that vision and sharing it in my new book
The Yoga of Leadership.
Transform Your Life AND Leadership
Learn how to clear your mind, cultivate a growth mindset, seek out inspiration, and lead by example.
Writing The Yoga of Leadership has been a passion project crafted as much for me as for you. To find greater satisfaction in our work and life and to better our workplaces we need to deepen our connection with people. This requires us to understand our authentic selves better and our needs as human beings.